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How to Get a Lazy Dog to Walk

Q: I have an older pooch (8ish) who never barks, is super mellow, and appears to be the easiest, best pup around. So what's my problem? Laziness! She's super lazy and although I can appreciate laziness, it makes it difficult when I have to get to work. I'm often late to work because I can't get her up to eat and go potty. Most of the times I have to carry her outside and pull her to get her to walk! And this is not super early, but around 7:30 or even 8. Any suggestions?


A: Wow! Have you tried pulling out some salami or other awesome treat that your dog never gets at any other time and using that as a motivator? Or a favorite toy (though lazy dogs aren’t usually all that amped for toys). I would start there and see what happens. You might just check with your vet to see if it isn’t something physical. And lastly, you might just insist. Put a leash on the dog and use it to demand that he or she get moving now.