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Aggression around Treats & Toys

Q: I have adopted a lab/pit mix in June, she is now approximately a year old (not sure on the date). She is wonderful around people, always very outgoing and social. With other dogs however she is aggressive around food and treats or when fetching the same toy with another dog. There have been instances where she has fought with other dogs over toys or food that has dropped between them. I would love to feel comfortable taking her out without fearing her attack another dog over a toy, are there classes available where she can learn to share with other dogs and not become aggressive?


A: Hi there. That is an unfortunate circumstance that will require private training help. I don’t offer group classes for that sort of aggression and have doubts about group classes that profess to deal with this sort of thing. It’s a very tricky situation that will require some serious front end work with your dog so that her “off” and “come” commands are bullet proof before you could even begin to deal with the situation directly.  Often, with issues of aggression like this it’s a bit of a time consuming process that involves both retraining and management, management meaning preventing the situation from unfolding to a point of aggression. At any rate, I’d be happy to speak with you about this so feel free to give a call.