East Bay

East Bay Boarding and Training

In-home Boarding and Training  

Providing a pet loving clean home environment in which your pooch will not only have a great time but will also learn and/or brush-up on basic obedience skills and general  “good dog” manners. Friendly smaller breeds are welcomed.

$100 per day. Limited to 3 adult dogs or puppies.

Vacation Boarding

We love small friendly dogs - $60 per day, no training included. Limited to 3 adult dogs or puppies.


About Rose Guilbert

With an emphasis on small breeds, Rose Guilbert, has been providing excellent care and education throughout the Bay Area to adult dogs, puppies and their owners for over 15 years.

For more information and the east bay class schedule please call 415-420-4764.

Or by email at rose@doggonegood.org