For years, I’ve worked with expecting dog owners to prevent problems between dogs and children. I have witnessed too many families forced to surrender their beloved family companions because they failed to prepare their dog for the arrival of a new family member. The Good Dog Happy Baby book, course, blog, and forum give expecting parents like you everything you need to fully prepare your dog for your new baby.

Welcome to Good Dog Happy Baby!

My name is Michael Wombacher and all the resources on this website are here to help you prepare your dog for the arrival of your baby. There are a few ways you can take advantage of my expertise.

  1. First, you can take the self-paced Good Dog Happy Baby video course.
  2. Second, you can buy the book, Good Dog Happy Baby.
  3. Third, you can connect with me directly to set up an in-person appointment or online skype consult.
  4. Finally, you can take advantage of the free ebooks, blog articles, and videos on this site.

All of these materials are designed to help new parents like you, who love their dogs, create a safe baby-friendly environment.

What Is Good Dog Happy Baby Anyways?

Great question. In essence, Good Dog Happy Baby is a step-by-step system for training your dog to live peacefully with your new baby.

Through the book, the course, and this website, the methods and techniques in Good Dog Happy Baby have helped thousands of parents like you to prepare their dogs for the arrival of baby. Good Dog Happy Baby is:

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.53.12 AMA simple roadmap for integrating your baby into your dog’s environment

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.53.12 AMA step-by-step guide to assessing and resolving potential behavior problems

Screen Shot 2016-01-12 at 11.53.12 AMA 12-Step program to transform your dog into a loving and well-behaved member of the family

Good Dog Happy Baby provides a blueprint for parents who want to their child to enjoy the rich benefits of a canine companion.

Good Dog Happy Baby

The definitive online course to help new parents who love their dogs create a safe, baby-friendly environment.

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Unfortunately, at least in Mike’s experience, the single leading cause of behavior problems in dogs is the owner’s unwillingness to provide structure, guidance and authority for their dog and a misunderstanding of dominance in which it is equated with aggression. Dominance definitely does not equal aggression. It means providing direction through fairness, confidence and most importantly, consistency. Of course, within those outlines there is infinite room for positive reinforcement but cut away is the insidious concept of "only." It is, in Mike’s view, the willingness to apply the balance of these principles intelligently that we give our dogs the true love they deserve from us.

Perhaps in returning to a balanced approach to dog training, California can lead the way once more, as it has in so many other fields. It is certainly what we at Dog Gone Good! are endeavoring to do.

Take a Quick Look at What You’ll Find Inside Good Dog, Happy Baby

  • 12339090_617543838383448_8297910775254257594_oComprehensive and structured program for basic relationship training, plus great methods for introducing your new baby to your dog.

  • Exclusive series of proven, effective exercises designed solely to prepare your dog for the changes in your household with your baby’s arrival.

  • Extensive review of the strategies you’ll need to change your dog’s pushy or demanding disposition, to stop him jumping up, begging incessantly, climbing all over the furniture, or pulling you down the street like a sled dog.

  • Step-by-step “rank management” instructions for implementing complete behavior modification. Learn how to solve your dog’s fear- and rank-based aggression problems once and for all.
  • Detailed Doggie Twelve-Step Program puts you in charge and equips you with the know-how to solve every potential problem.

Good Dog, Happy Baby is a one-of-a-kind resource, filled with a wealth of valuable information you won’t find anywhere else.

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