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“Michael Wombacher is a maestro of dog trainers. His clarity of thinking, sense of humor, and skills in communicating make dog training fun for pet and pet lover.” -Michael Tilson Thomas, Music Director of the San Francisco Symphony

“A practical guide written with style and a sense of humor by one who truly understands the behavior of dogs and the relationship they have with their human families.” - Joyce Weidman, DVM

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For years, I’ve worked with expecting dog owners to prevent problems between dogs and children. I have witnessed too many families forced to surrender their beloved family companions because they failed to prepare their dog for the arrival of a new family member. The Good Dog Happy Baby book, course, blog, and forum give expecting parents like you everything you need to fully prepare your dog for your new baby.


Book Reviews:

"Mike's approach helps you to fully understand your puppy's personality and tailor the training for him or her as an individual. This book definitely provides the path to a happy and well-trained companion." - Dean BeyerinkDVM

"This is a practical guidebook for the real life situations you will encounter with your cuddly canine and will enable you to create the ideal relationship without diminishing the joy of puppyhood at all."
Laura Hawkins-Smith, Founder, K9 to 5 Doggie Day Care.


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Good Dog Happy Baby

The definitive online course to help new parents who love their dogs create a safe, baby-friendly environment.

Michael Wombacher Expert dog trainer, author & lecturer
Mike Wombacher Expert Dog Trainer, Author & Lecturer
25 years of Dog training experience
Over 30,000 in-home consultations
Behavioral consultations covering the entire spectrum of dog behavior from the mundane to the bizarre

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